Juniper Workshop

Second ESUKOM Workshop

The second ESUKOM workshop was held on April 13 2011 in Hannover, this time with the involvement of Juniper Networks represented by Steve Hanna and Andreas Schmiedner. Juniper Networks is one of the leading companies in the field of network technology and is participating in committees like the TCG and the IETF in order to define open standards for network security. Steve Hanna is co-chair of the Trusted Network Connect Work Group in the Trusted Computing Group and co-chair of the Network Endpoint Assessment Working Group in the Internet Engineering Task Force. For years he has been one of the driving forces behind the TNC standards. Andreas Schmiedner is as Sales Director Enterprise Public responsible for the distribution of Juniper products in the German-speaking area.

Juniper Workshop Hannover

The first session of the workshop started with an introduction to the ESUKOM project. From Juniper’s point of view, it was especially interesting that ESUKOM aims to integrate both commercial products and open source software and the approach to secure the usage of mobile phones by leveraging IF-MAP. Then, Steve Hanna gave an overview of the current Juniper products, especially those that implement IF-MAP like the UAC Infranet Controller and the SA Series SSL VPN appliance.

In the next session, some technical questions regarding IF-MAP were discussed. Especially the effective structuring of metadata graphs and their analysis were addressed. Furthermore, the question how an endpoint that establishes two access sessions in parallel to a network can be unambiguously identified via one single IF-MAP identifier.

Juniper Workshop Hannover

Afterwards Oliver Diehl, a bachelor student of FHH, presented the current status of his bachelor thesis. Oliver investigates how IF-MAP components can be reasonably integrated with FHH’s IT infrastructure.

At the end, the further cooperation between Juniper Networks and the ESUKOM team was discussed. The next goal is to present ESUKOM at the TCG Members Meeting in Munich within the scope of a research and development session. Furthermore, ideas to host a European TNC PlugFest were discussed in order to test products that implement TNC standards against each other in terms of interoperability.

All in all this was a great event. The ESUKOM members would like to thank Steve Hanna and Andreas Schmiedner for their very helpul contributions.

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