D.A.CH Security 2011

ESUKOM-Project had been presented at D.A.CH Security 2011 in Oldenburg

Location of the yearly conference D.A.CH Security was at the EWE-Forum from 20.-21. of September. 48 talks have been organised with additional six pick-up-abstractors that might have been understudied. Topic was an interdisciplinary state-of-the-art abstract to the current status of IT-security in industry, service, administration and research in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

As a special, detailed aspects had been presented for scopes of research and development, teaching and further education. In the same way relevant applications had been shown and the concepts of product-developments outcome. Cause IT-security is an integrated part of nearly all information based applications and processes, contributions of legal basic conditions and its commercial factors were represented. The DECOIT GmbH presented the topically research results of the project ESUKOM with the current status.

EWE-Forum in Oldenburg

The ESUKOM-Project (www.esukom.de) will be used for integrating a higher business security. With the consolidation of different security components metadata a wholistic view of logging informations will be allocated. Thereby an additional reporting will be supported which is not supplied by common individual systems. To support this additional reporting, the project uses the IF-MAP-standard of the Trusted Computing Group (TCG). Even though the project is only one year old, a prototype-platform has been developed which is strongly demanded by network manufacturer. Cause of this, there are closely cooperations to Enterasys Networks, Juniper Networks and Infoblox. Besides this better reporting, the logging is able to be visualised. This is bound to an formidable flood of information. Major project challenge was the developlment of an appropriate consolidation algorithm which is still in development state.

The D.A.CH Security again presented a plentifulness of interesting lectures and discussions where a part are presented by the ESUKOM project. Next year on the conference first parts of the final results may be presented, which is the ambition of DECOIT GmbH.

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