TCG Members Meeting

ESUKOM participated on the TCG Members Meeting in Spain (Madrid)

At the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) Members meeting in Madrid between 19th and 21st of June the University of Applied Sciences of Hanover and Fraunhofer SIT presented a number of ESUKOM results. The companies present showed a keen interest in the use of IF-MAP in mobile application scenarios. The University of Applied Sciences of Hanover demonstrated and was applauded for the use of MAP-based graphs in analyzing mobile device events such as from mobile phones. Fraunhofer SIT showed the use of IF-MAP in the field of dynamic networks.

Presentation of the University of Applied Sciences of Hanover at the TCG Members Meeting

Beyond the presentation of the individual results and demonstrators a lively discussion with the industries’ representatives developed on the possible applications and further development, thereby reflecting the results also in regard to the industries’ requirements.

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