Status seminar in Bonn

First status seminar for IT security research in Bonn

Between the 18th and 19th of October, the first status seminar at the research center in Bonn took place. The project ESUKOM was also there and presented their results. Additionally all sub-projects have been presented, why all partners of ESUKOM were in Bonn. After a successful presentation of the demonstrator in Orlando, USA in the last month, the demonstrator showed also during this event how efficient ESUKOM works.

Research Center of Bonn

The status of the project has been successful presentated in Bonn. Main goal of the project is a consolidation of meta-data and biulding of a common meta-data model of basis of the IF-MAP standard from the Trusted Computing Group (TCG). Therefore it is necessary to have several IF-MAP clients for different security components and a IF-MAP server for collecting, conditioning, and providing data. The IF-MAP server is available now from the partner FH Hanover. Additionally the DECOIT GmbH has developed several IF-MAP clients for Android, iptables, Snort, and freeRADIUS. NCP and mikado soft will extend their own product lines with IF-MAP functionality. For a visualisation of a network status the FH Hanover has also developed an own graphical user interface with the name irongui. The demonstrator of ESUKOM has shown by the use of irongui very nice how the project works. Several requests of network vendors are available. Also different cooperations are available with the project from the beginning. In the next step, the project will define meta-data vocabular and the data correlation afterwards. An importan point is, that the truth of the meta-data has to be questioned. Therefor trust levels should be defined. The project is actually on time and is very active regarding publications and developments.

Demonstrator of ESUKOM

Besides the ESUKOM project, six other projects of the first call have been presented. The event looks back on two interested days, in which a huge bandwidth of topics have been discussed. As a conclusion, it was obvious that the security of mobile devices has to be improved. That should also be an issue for all mobility vendors and providers if the good approaches of the different projects will have a chance for implementation in real networks. The ESUKOM project is on a good way for that, because the work of the project based on an international standard. Worldwide manufactures as Infoblox, Enterasys, and Juniper support this standard. First requests make clear, that IF-MAP will be a very interesting topic in the near future.

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