2nd project meeting

Second ESUKOM meeting took place in Hanover

At 13th of Januar, after the workshop with Infoblox, the second project meeting of the project ESUKOM took place at the University of Applied Sciences in Hannover. This time the main topics were administrative things, look back of the workshop the day before, user scenarios of the AP2 deliverable, the requirement analysis, and the status of the current implementations.  The project has been started very efficient and has worked out first results after only three month work. Additionally this project day was very effective, so every partner were satisfied with the results.

Project meeting of ESUKOM

In the first step the cooperation to Infoblox has been discussed and reflected. Here, especially the user scenarios of Infoblox were interesting, which had also influence of the scenarios of ESUKOM. For a wider public notice of IF-MAP, the ESUKOM website will be extended with specifications and explanations. The foreseen interoperability tests can be started at the end of this year, if the prototype of ESUKOM has reached a sufficient status. Concerning this, the project will maybe also invite other network manufacturer, if they are interested in to join the tests. The marketing of the own development of ESUKOM can also be supported by the portal website IF-MAP.COM, later on. The further cooperation partners of ESUKOM (e.g. Enterasys and Juniper) have been also responded and will get further information continuously.

The definition of the scenarios has been finalised by the workshop and will be used for the requirement analysis directly. The project defined key features which the ESUKOM solution want to offer:

  1. Anomaly Detection: Consolidation of data for different components and analysis of attack patterns.
  2. Smartphone Awareness: Mobile handling and secure integration of smartphones on basis of Android.
  3. Single Sign Off: Secure of the network against nicked or compromised devices.
  4. Secure Evidence: Generate of an evidence for the obvious identification of correct metadata.
  5. Identity Awareness: Recognise of the user identity, incl. of special measures to fend attacks.
  6. Location-based Services: Transmission of GPS coordinates to get conclusion on anomalies.
  7. MalApp-based attacks: Defend against malicious codes for smartphones by the detection of  MalApps.
  8. Realtime Enforcement: Immediately implementation of precautions by the information of the MAP server. 

Efficient discussions during the meeting

These key features will examine in detail and "publisher" and "subscriber" will define for the communication with the MAP server. After that the agile software development will start. First results will be expected in the near future. A first small prototype of an IF-MAP client of Android has been presented during the meeting by DECOIT. Regarding every activity the project is on schedule.

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