ESUKOM Demonstration auf der NSA Trusted Computing Conference & Exhibition 2011

From 20th to 22nd of September the second NSA Trusted Computing Conference took place in Orlando, Florida. This years theme was "Using COTS Technologies to Deliver Decisive Defensive Advantage".

The exhibition serves US goverment, US military and IT security integrators as source for the latest research information and products from the Trusted Computing area. The ESUKOM project was invited by the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) to show the latest achievements of the project at the TCG booth.

Jens Lucius (NCP GmbH) was there for the ESUKOM project to demonstrate the cooperation of different security software based on the IF-MAP protocol.


The demonstrator shows the complex interrelation of information when connecting a mobile (android) device to a network as well as the possible use of the IF-MAP protocol to do real-time enforcement based on these information. A misbehaving device can be limited in its access or can be disconnected from the network if needed.

The demonstration was successfully given to a wide range of people at the trade show. Often there were additional questions about IF-MAP or about the ESUKOM project which led to some follow up after the show.

Especially the use of mobile devices was very interesting for many people as smartphone or tablets are introduced even in companies with high security need or government agencies. One highlight was certainly the IF-MAP client for android devices by Decoit GmbH which can publish information about the device to the central IF-MAP database.

The exhibition was also a great chance to stay in contact with cooperation partners of the project like Juniper, Infoblox or Enterasys who are also very interested in the IF-MAP protocol.

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