Analysis of Android

Trusted Computing technologies on Android-platform

The master-thesis of Johannes Westhuis analyzed the Android-platform for support of trusted computing. The partner of ESUKOM FH Hannover worked out this results in the tNAC-Projekt. Additionally requirements of trusted computing have been identified, solutions designed and finally first approaches developed.

Use of mobile end devices with access to business networks are widely spread and the missing of those is nearly unimaginable in some business areas. With steadily growing requirements of those end devices the sensitivity increases and vice versa security leaks. Such devices must support an architecture, which inhabits unauthorized access.

Johannes Westhuis brings the open-source-software-platform and operating system Android into focus of his master-thesis. This platform supports several requirements for the integration of trusted computing features. The designed concept may be used for the integration of trusted computing technologies and is one of the solutions to prevent security leaks in mobile end devices.

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