6th project meeting

Sixth project meeting took place at 30.05.2012 in Nuremberg

NCP engineering GmbH

The sixth project meeting of ESUKOM, which took place at the partner NCP engineering GmbH in Nuremberg, included mainly the discussion about the development of the correlation engine. This work will be done by the partner University of Applied Sciences in Hanover. The prototype got the name "irondetect", which fits very well into the current iron schema. Within the architecture the interfaces have been introduced, which are necessary for training data and the implementation of procedures regarding anomaly detection. Additionally the common demonstrator of the project has been discussed, which will work out by the company DECOIT GmbH.    

The status of the IF-MAP clients was presentated by the DECOIT GmbH. Especially, the Android IF-MAP client has been further developed. A first adaptation of the new meta-data model has been done. That includes an extension of the readout device data, automatical launch, and establish of a connection after a boot process. But the processing on the Android client took partly so long (approx. 12 s), as tests showed. Additionally the amount of data increased, why performance problems of the irongui went down. First solution: after a first sending, only changed data will be sent. But further improvements are maybe available and have to be tested.

The AP deliverables will work out by all partners. The AP3 deliverable has to extend only. The deliverable AP4 need to get a new structure and has to overworked. This will be done by Fraunhofer SIT. Also deliverable AP5 has to be extended. This deliverable will also include the work on the best-practise-report. This report will be published after the project independent from AP5. Beside internal papers, also public papers for conferences are scheduled. For example, one paper has been won for the D.A.CH Security conference and further international conferences in Asia and Australia have been submitted for this year.

As a conclusion, the partners are on a good way to fulfill all goals of the project till its end. Additionally the partners discussed a further research project within the IF-MAP field to address the open problems which has been found into ESUKOM. 

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