D.A.CH Security 2012

ESUKOM's project results were presented at the conference DACH Security in Konstanz

The conference DACH Security takes place every year and is organize by the University of Klagenfurt in Austria. This time the conference took place at the University of Applied Sciences Konstanz. Many topics of the IT security area have been discussed on a constructive way. Topics were for example secure authentication, Social Media, IT forensic, data policies, and signature services. The DECOIT GmbH was invited to present the last results of the ESUKOM project the common public.

University of Applied Sciences Konstanz

Within the project ESUKOM, metadata has been created by the IF-MAP protocol of the Trusted Computing Group (TCG). The approach was that by a consolidation of these data the IT security of an enterprise will increase. For instance, the ESUKOM project improved the anomaly detection and smartphone awareness. Additionally, the use of location-based services, MalApp detection on the mobile device, and real-time enforcement has been worked out. By the correlation / detection engine different data can be correlated and evaluated for an improved overview. For example, the DECOIT GmbH was responsible for the development of the IF-MAP client of the Android smartphone. The project ends at the end of this month.

D.A.CH Security 2012

The conference DACH security gave a comprehensive impression of the different security topics. The conference had a big audience as every year. All topics were constructive discussed. In the following year, the conference will take place in Nuremberg.

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