SKIMS cooperation

ESUKOM starts cooperation with the project SKIMS

The project SKIMS (A Cooperative Autonomous Immune System for Mobile Devices) is similar to ESUKOM a research project from the program IT security research. The project has a special focus on research for security in insecure environments. The project is led by the Computer Systems & Telematics group at Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. Further partner are ecrypt GmbH embedded Security, DFN-CERT Services, and the University of Applied Science of Hamburg. Similar to ESUKOM, the SKIMS project sees that smartphones today can be compared to a PC with limited resources. But several interfaces can be used, which increase the dangerous potential. Target of the SKIMS project is to discover attacks with high feasibility and learn from attack patterns (adaptive protection). As a human immune system the project wants to reach that the devices will protect themselves by their own. Therefore the Mobile Trusted Module (MTM) is as Trusted Anchor foreseen. Apps have to signed by this MTM chip. Additionally the project wants to divide unsecure Apps from trusted.


If the realisation of SKIMS is successful, the attack detection can also be used for ESUKOM. Then, the results can be sent from the mobile client to the IF-MAP-Server. Because SKIMS searches for use cases, both projects are interested in to work together. Actually, SKIMS works on the optimisation of algorithms and after that on an optimal strategy for the implementation on Android. As an open question, it has to be clarified what has to be done if an instruction code has been detected. That has to define on the IF-MAP server from the project ESUKOM after all.

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