Fifth project meeting

Fifth project meeting of ESUKOM took place in Darmstadt on 25. of January

At 25th of January the partner of ESUKOM met on the fifth project meeting at the Fraunhofer SIT in Darmstadt. A central topic of this meeting was the meta-data model and the new developed generic user scenario. Additionally the work of the deliverables AP3, AP4, and AP5 were discussed. Each partner took part on the meeting very positively and presented their own project progress.

Fraunhofer institute SIT in Darmstadt

The developed meta-data model of ESUKOM was reengineered for a new version, because the older one had some weaknesses. The central question for the project is how meta-data can be correlated. That was discussed very strong during the meeting. Therefore the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) was also discussed for the distinction of normal and not normal behavior. A training phase for the learning of the behavior has to plan for every component. Additionally the approach needs policies, which have to be learned. To cover all requirements a new meta-data model has worked out. This new model should identifier and solves the problems of the first model. Additionally it has to recognize signatures and anomalies per device depending from context. An AI approach will not discussed within the project, but an interface will offered for the use of third party AI applications.

Discussion of the meta-data model

The deliverables AP3, AP4, and AP5 were also discussed during the meeting, which are worked out simultaneously. The deliverable AP3 is very complete, but AP5 has still to adapted and extended. For example, the initial structure should be described on an abstract level in AP5 for an usage in the defined scenarios. Apart from that the project makes positive progress and is on a good way. After all it was discussed administratively things for the international plug-fest, which will take place at Fraunhofer SIT in Darmstadt, organized from the ESUKOM consortium. During three days different implementations of the TCG will be tested on interoperability in March. Therefor international guests from the USA were expected.

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